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STARR DIGITAL AD AGENCY is a premier advertising agency, design studio, and SEO company. Integral to our work are the principles of visual hierarchy, consumer trust, and information architecture, creating design that communicates the values of a business and the strengths of the products and services offered. Our design products are hand crafted and custom tailored to meet the communication goals of every business.


Maintaining global standards of brand sustainability is at the heart of every project we acquire. Sustainable design, and our unique integrated design approach enables us to develop innovative design and marketing strategies that focus on communicating to your target audience. Information architects, and design specialists work alongside each other to develop fully integrated design solutions. Every project starts with fresh thinking, and leads to a tailor-made solution. Our executive directors oversee, direct, review, and contribute to the creative development, marketing direction, and business strategies of every project, and once the design and marketing concepts have been finalized, our production staff digitally creates the work. To provide continuity, designs are executed by a close-knit team that commit to the project until its completion. 

We work with both large and small businesses in the US and the UK in a variety of different industries on both large and small projects. Our projects are conducted predominately through internet and phone communication, so you can work with our company from the comfort and convenience of your office. We’re looking forward to discussing your project with you, whether it’s large or small. We see ourselves as partners working with you to help you build your business and achieve success. We understand the critical nature of planning a vision to grow your business. We want to be part of that vision planning process.


Jason and Victoria

Victoria Genette Devonshire

Victoria Devonshire is the Project Director.  She is a brand development specialist, with extensive knowledge of graphic design, website design, and search engine optimization. She has degrees from Oxford and Cambridge in Fine Arts and Performing Arts with concentrations in Visual Communication Arts, Graphic Design, Photography, SEO, and Website Design. 


Jason Devonshire

Jason Devonshire is a Senior Executive Director and board member. He is an international business development expert and has helped thousands of businesses get off the ground. He is an attorney, a computer science expert, and a professor at the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge. He is also in the military and works on search and rescue missions. His accreditations include undergraduate and graduate degrees from Oxford and Cambridge.

Shane Devonshire

Shane Devonshire is a Senior Executive Director and board member. He specializes in digital media marketing, is a business image creation and development expert and a computer science genius. He founded the agency as a father and son business with his son Jason. In addition to working with the agency, he is in the military, works on search and rescue missions, and raises labradors and scottish terriers. He is also a professor at the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge. His accreditations include undergraduate and graduate degrees from Oxford and Cambridge.


David Brymer

David Brymer is a production artist for Starr. 

Justin Rizzo

Justin Rizzo is a production artist for Starr. 

Jon Rizzo

Jon Rizzo, aka Shulem Lemmer,  is a production artist for Starr. 

Cory Asbury

Cory Asbury is a production artist for Starr. 


George Cameron Chardonbleu Devonshire

Cameron Chardonbleu is an expert in all things related to the home. He has an exceptional taste for sophistication and elegance which can be seen interwoven beautifully through all of his projects and everything he creates. He is a celebrity chef, an interior designer, a furniture designer, a florist, a landscape designer, and a father. He is a fine dining expert and has a gourmet restaurant, “Bistro Chardonbleu,” and a gourmet bakery, “Oliver’s Oven,” where guests can dine and enjoy all of the classic recipes from his signature gourmet cookbooks. He has also designed a signature line of elegant tableware pieces for fine dining, as well as his own line of hand painted dishware for his restaurant. He was featured as the celebrity chef in a UK gourmet cooking television series, and has had the privilege of providing royal tea service and catering services to the royal family. He is also an expert florist and knows how to create the perfect bouquet of flowers, home floral arrangements, and dining room centerpieces. He has a landscape design firm with Jason, and has designed the landscapes for some of the most elegant and sophisticated properties in the UK. He and his grandfather George have a home remodeling TV show where they buy homes, completely renovate them, and design the interiors. One of their most popular episodes is their renovation of a Chateau in the French Alps. He is also a furniture designer, and has designed a line of accent pieces for rooms in the home which are featured in his renovations. Items in his signature line include designer ottomans, curtains, and other stunning lovely pieces. He is also a concert pianist. He enjoys teaching and has been a Senior Lecturer and an Associate Professor for the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge. His accreditations include undergraduate degrees from Oxford and graduate degrees from Cambridge in fine arts, horticulture, interior design, furniture design, music arts, and the culinary fine arts. He is from London, England.

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