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Ad Design

Our ad design strategists are communication experts who excel at creating clever ad concepts. We strategize to appeal to consumer culture, add a perceived value, tie the advertising campaign into your brand, attract the attention of your target audience, and make a memorable connection. A good campaign integrates a thoroughly developed design concept and marketing strategy. Concepts include slogans, taglines, and visual graphics for the campaign that are developed with variations in layout and size for different media formats. Marketing strategies include strategic placement, deciding where to show the ad, how to display it, and examining the best media formats for the ad’s presentation that make sense for how you want to connect with your target audience. Once an ad campaign is developed, it can be repeated on your company’s website and brochures, in addition to being published across a variety of media outlets including websites, billboards, magazines, publications, direct mail, digital media, door hangers, rack cards, etc.


Billboard Design - Painting Company

We created an advertising campaign for them with a question and answer. The question is, "What comes with a Bucket of Paint?" The answer is "balance, purpose, lifestyle." The concept behind the answer comes from the study behind the moods that colors evoke. This painting company has studied that science, and suggests painting colors for room that will enhance the function of the room. For example, a room where you are productive, needs colors that are associated with productivity. A room that is designed for sleep, needs colors that are calming. The advertising campaign was designed to communicate the message that when you hire this painting company, you are not just getting a painting company, but a lifestyle consultant, and that their product will improve the quality of your life.

Cafe Card Ad Design - Painting Company

This version of the ad campaign, is a cafe card, also card a "rack card." This marketing tool was designed to be left at cafes and bistros in upscale residential areas, especially areas of new construction.

Door Hanger Design - Painting Company

This was designed to be hung on the doors of neighboring homes and condos after the company completed a painting job.
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Billboard Design - Multi-National Corporation

One of the main reasons this company needed a new brand image, is because they received a lot of bad publicity due to environmental code violations that were found at their factories, which cost them a lot of business. To combat this, they created a new image that revolved around being environmental friendly, which included the universal symbol for recycling, earth-friendly tones, and a new slogan, “Making an Alliance with the Environment,” which was a spin off of the company name. Then, they launched a public awareness campaign to present their new image to the public. This campaign included the The new brand image was showcased across the US and Canada, presented on billboards throughout the regions that they service. The ad campaign design showcased the company's new brand image, logo and broadcast the new company slogan, “Making an Alliance with the Environment,” in order to try to win back the clients they lost due to the high volume of bad publicity that was created.
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Window Decal Design - Multi-National Corporation

In attempts to win back their clients in the restaurant industry, they included the “GREEN ZONE” initiative in their public awareness campaign to let the industry know they had "turned over a new leaf." The GREEN ZONE initiative included a PR campaign for restaurants that involved posting decal stickers on the doors and windows of the restaurants that they service, to advertise that the restaurant recycles their cooking oil. We created the name of the initiative, which was called "Green Zone." The message that was sent is that when you enter the restaurant, you are entering into a "Green Zone," because that establishment recycles. Not only did this initiative further integrate the company's new brand image, but it also acted as a PR tool for restaurants to attract customers that care about recycling and the environment.
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