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It's The Fastest Way To Burn Money

  • Star SEO Company, Houston, TX
  • January 22, 2020

Should you really pay for clicks? Pay Per Click companies and advertisers are a dime a dozen. They take large monthly retainers, give you a bunch of clicks, and leave you with a spent marketing budget and empty pockets.

The constant complaint from business owners about Pay Per Click is that it’s “money down the drain.” In fact, it’s hard to find a business owner who’s happy about their pay-per-click advertising. Most are exasperated by the large amounts of money they’ve spent with little or no return.

So, what’s the alternative? What do you do to make internet marketing work? The answer is Turbo SEO.

Star Advertising’s Turbo SEO program is a great alternative to Pay Per Click, and is a top of the line internet marketing solution because with us, you never pay for clicks. We don’t sell them. We sell SEO optimization work that produces search engine results.

You will get clicks because clicks are a natural byproduct of good search results, but you won’t be paying us for clicks. You only pay us for the SEO work we do on your website. Once that work is complete, it doesn’t go away. It stays with your website and continues to work for you, producing targeted search results.

So, how does this work?

If you take your internet marketing budget, and you give that to a Pay Per Click company, they will completely drain that resource every month, and you will have little or nothing to show for it. You will get clicks, and you may get calls, but the biggest complaints about calls that people do get is that they are mostly from window shoppers or price shoppers and they aren’t the quality of client they’re looking for.

Most business owners complain that Pay Per Click customers are largely “problem clients,” which leads us to conclude that Pay Per Click ads attract specific demographics and classes of consumers that don’t make the best customers or clients.

If you take the same internet marketing budget and put it into an SEO project, every month you have something to show for what you paid, AND you increase your search results, AND you get clicks.

Each month, the work that is done builds upon the previous month. Your marketing budget is never thrown down the drain, because no matter how many clicks you get, the SEO on your website continues to improve, which in turn, improves your search engine results, which in turn, produces clicks.

SEO clicks generally come from quality site visitors who thoughtfully and carefully think through their business decisions. They read the SEO titles and descriptions in the search results, visit your website, and look through it carefully before they contact you. Most have already looked at several websites before they fill out the contact form on your website. They’ve already concluded that your company has the quality products and services that they’re looking for and are just steps away from becoming a client.

These kinds of thoughtful consumers are much better clients to have than Pay Per Click price hagglers and window shoppers. It’s best to leave Pay Per Click in the dust and target a better demographic by improving your website’s search results with Turbo SEO.

If you want to rank higher in the search engines, don’t call a Pay Per Click company, call our SEO company. Let’s turn your website’s SEO engine on and start watching your search engine results accelerate.



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