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PROJECT: A new HR firm needed a company name, logo, corporate identity design, website, and brochure to have a sophisticated professional image to use to engage new clients.

“Resolutions HR” was chosen for the company because they specialize in creating resolutions for HR issues. The name was designed to imply that when you contact them, every HR issue that your company is facing will be resolved. The checkmark was added in the logo design to create a visual picture of checking something off of your list. When you contact this HR firm, you can check the HR tasks off of your to-do list, because you have now hired a professional firm to handle all of it for you. The colors orange and navy were chosen because the client liked the color scheme. In addition, they are complimentary colors, which is why they work so well together. The fonts that were chosen were modern and sophisticated looking fonts. 

A corporate identity system was designed with the company’s new brand image. This included the company’s letterhead, envelopes, and business cards. The company wanted a simple, modern and elegant design for all of their marketing materials. 

The header of the letterhead was kept simple. The checkmark was added as a watermark, and the navy blue gradient blend from the checkmark in the logo was added as a strip of color on the edge of the letterhead. Only the company’s website was used for the contact information to keep the presentation simple, and also to provide a seamless solution in case the company’s contact information or location changed. The gradient and the company website were both repeated on the back. 

The envelope design repeated the same design elements used in the letterhead to create a cohesive brand look. 

The business card design repeated the same design elements used in the letterhead and envelope design to create a cohesive brand look. 

The website design also repeated the same design elements used in the company’s logo and stationery system in order to create a cohesive brand look. The website featured a slideshow of business owners in a variety of industries, so that the company’s message would appeal to a large audience. 

The brochure was designed to be folder sized so the company could insert estimates and documents for their clients, thus the brochure functions as a presentation folder. 

The back of the brochure lists common questions companies ask about HR services. They are listed continually to create an interesting background texture. They were also added to show the company’s strengths. By including the questions on the back of the brochure, it demonstrates that this company has all of the answers to those questions.

The interior spread includes more information about the company’s services in an outline format. 

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