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PROJECT: A painting company needed a new logo, an advertising campaign, and new marketing materials to expand and reach their target audience.

This painting company is a Christian painting company, and the logo incorporates the Christian fish symbol into the stem of the letter K, and loops around in an elegant fashion.  The loop that stems from the K that is also a Christian fish symbol was a way to integrate that symbol in a way that meshed well with the logo. It was also integrated to give a message that when this company works on a project, they are throwing out a lifeline to the people they work with, stating that this is a safe company to work with that will get the job done right. If they’ve worked with other companies that did not complete the project properly or did a bad job, when they work with this company, they will feel like they have been rescued from what the previous painting companies did. The font used was hand crafted specifically for this logo.

We created an advertising campaign for this company with a question and answer. The question is, “What comes with a bucket of paint?” The answer is “balance, purpose, lifestyle.” The concept behind the answer comes from the study behind the moods that colors evoke. This painting company has studied that science, and suggests painting colors for room that will enhance the function of the room. For example, a room where you are productive, needs colors that are associated with productivity. A room that is designed for sleep, needs colors that are calming. The advertising campaign was designed to communicate the message that when you hire this painting company, you are not just getting a painting company, but a lifestyle consultant, and that their product will improve the quality of your life. The advertising campaign also implies that their “bucket of paint” is so much more valuable than what you would get from other painting companies because of the expertise that comes with it.

The advertising campaign was repeated on the door hangers that were created for the company to leave on the doors of residences and businesses that were targeting, especially the doors of neighboring homes and condos after the company completed a painting job.

It was also repeated on “rack cards”  that were strategically placed in cafes and bistros in upscale residential areas, especially areas of new construction, including the city’s new modernized downtown residential development area. 


The ad campaign was also placed in multiple magazines and publications that were local to the painting company’s service area.

The campaign was also repeated on the brochures that were designed for the company. However, with the brochure, the slogan was slightly altered to focus on the entire painting experience, because the brochure is a multi-page booklet with comprehensive information that gives a complete overview of the company and the entire painting experience that they provide. The cover image is a photo of a luxury home. The photo was chosen because this painting company wanted to increase their appeal to clients with luxury homes.

The colors used for the cover and the pages in this brochure design are some of the most popular wall paint colors this painting company sells. We chose to use those colors for the colors for the pages so the painting company would have a marketing tool to use to sell those colors to their clients. The squares on the pages include color swatch variations for the different featured wall paint colors.

The brochure includes a mix of modern fonts with letters spaced out for titles as well as the use of script. These fonts were chosen to increase the company’s appeal to women of multiple age brackets.

The brochure includes a detailed description of the painting process for interior and exterior painting, and kitchen cabinet painting, in order to have a tangible item for sales representatives to use to answer questions for clients during in-person consultations.

Detailed information was featured about the company’s values, vision, and services in order to increase the company’s consumer trust factor.

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