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Our Design Agency started as a family owned design agency in London, England called Chardonbleu Kreative Design Agency, …the fingerprint of creativity.

For each project, the focus of our design agency is to create a new look, something that says who you are and what you do in just a single glance, because with today’s faced paced internet based society…a single glance is all you get.

We use a creative process developed at the University of Oxford in England, UK, that is a systematic approach to arrive at a brand design that best communicates the heart of a company, is memorable, and makes you say… “I wish I thought of that!.”

The Oxford Creative Process is a tool that directs a process to discover the most unique way to represent your business. It involves brand development research which includes examining many different design styles, concepts and visual marketing strategies, exploring many different ways to connect a brand’s message to a designated target audience.

The process also evaluates a company’s competitors to see what needs to be done to make a visual design excel beyond theirs. All of this creative development information is used to create clear, direct, and competitive communication solutions designed to reach the designated target audience.


STAR is our SEO division. 

Our product was developed through a research study conducted at the University of Cambridge in the UK. This study included rigorous analysis of search engine algorithm ranking patterns as well as the in-depth analysis and review of many different forms of search engine marketing, pay per click advertising, directory listings, and other forms of internet marketing to find out what works, what doesn’t work, what’s worth the money, and what’s not.

The result of the studies and research developed into an SEO program that focuses on increasing a website’s scores for the major search engine ranking factors, starting with where the website ranks the lowest, and where the website needs the most improvement. It also emphasizes the integration of unlimited variations of the target keywords that are used for keyword mapping. This emphasis is based upon research that showed that site visitors use many different types of keyword variations to search for the same product or service. Integrating keyword variations is a more thorough approach which has shown to dramatically increase a website’s traffic. 

The Cambridge University research also concluded that it takes a large amount of hours each month to make speedy aggressive climbs in the search engine rankings. But this is contingent on how competitive your industry is for the keywords you are targeting. It also depends on how your website is structured, because every website is different. Therefore, each website needs an individualized SEO plan.

Regarding Pay-Per-Click…the research conducted at Cambridge concluded that selling clicks is largely unproductive unless you are running a large scale brand recognition campaign built on subliminal messaging. The majority of the businesses that were involved in the research complained about pay-per-click campaigns, essentially describing them as a waste of money with little or no return on their investment.

The Cambridge research study also found that people who were frustrated with their search engine rankings either weren’t investing enough into the project to get their ranks to move like they expect, or they were working with a company that was selling canned SEO packages. “Canned SEO packages” also described as “cookie-cutter packages” are not custom tailored to meet the demands required of the search engines to competitively rank websites.

What contributed to their frustration was purchasing a small inexpensive SEO plan, but expecting the results of a much larger SEO investment, and expecting those results within a relatively short time frame. This occurred because the client either didn’t have the budget they needed to pay for the work that was required to move the rankings up, or they didn’t understand how to properly and strategically invest in SEO.

Another contributing factor to their frustration, was largely due to companies that sell SEO related products like listing packages and other minor automated supplemental SEO products and call these products “SEO.” They market these products like they are a total SEO solution, boasting about their ability to significantly increase business revenue, but no real substantial progress of any value is actually made. This causes great frustration and makes clients think that SEO does not work. Though they claim to be selling complete SEO services, these companies are selling something that is only marginally classified as SEO, and makes up an estimated 1% of a real, professional SEO campaign…and that percentage may actually be lower. The Cambridge research study concluded that despite the misperceptions created by these companies that causes business owners to think that SEO does not work or is not worth the investment, genuine SEO does in fact work and can produce the desired results. But there must be a custom tailored strategy for the SEO campaign. In addition, a lot of work is needed to optimize the website for all of the major SEO ranking factors to get the website to move up in the Google ranks. This is best accomplished in an SEO program with custom tailored strategies based on large hourly retainers.

Our SEO program is the product of the Cambridge University research study. It includes everything needed to meet SEO rank climbing expectations.


We work with both large and small businesses in a variety of different industries on both small and large projects. We’ve worked with clients in the Unites States and the UK, and are not limited by geo-graphics. We can work with you and your company wherever you are located.

Our projects are conducted predominately through internet and phone communication. You can work with our company from the convenience and comfort of your office.

To sign up for services, complete the form on the terms of service page and agree to the terms of service. Once we have received your terms of service agreement, your account will be set up in our system, and the first payment will be billed to the payment method provided in the terms of service agreement form. The payment form that you provide will also be used to bill all fees and expenses generated by the project.

We’re looking forward to hearing about your project, whether it’s large or small. If you are interested in or in need of SEO services or any of the design services provided by our advertising agency, please mention that in the message field in the contact form when contacting our company. 

We see ourselves as partners working with you to help you build your business and achieve success. We understand the critical nature of planning a vision to grow your business. We want to be part of that vision planning process.