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The Oxford Creative Process

Some people dream of success, while other people get up every morning and make it happen.

Why settle for the cheap, white labeled, status quo website? You can have a handcrafted, masterful design that incorporates professional visual hierarchy and is strategically tailored to reach your target audience.

The Oxford Creative Process

The Oxford Creative Process is a well-researched, highly advanced systematic process developed by experts from the University of Oxford. We use this creative process to develop all of our design work.

The Oxford Creative Process

Step 1: The Introduction

We start the design process by thoroughly reviewing your business. A professional design needs to communicate the strengths of your brand. Important questions to ask include: “How do you want your target audience to view your company? What qualities and values do you want them to think of when they look at your brand? What visual styles most appeal to you? What brands, logos and websites that you’ve seen stand out to you and make you wish your company had a design like that?” 

The Oxford Creative Process

Step 2: Research and Development

This step involves the research and review of design styles and design concepts that communicate the values and unique personality of your business. During this step, we conduct creative brainstorming sessions to develop design sketches, ideas, and design concepts for your consideration. We review numerous ideas, sketches, a significant collection and sampling of relative visual materials and the evaluation and consideration thereof, design research, including research on the industry, the competitors, competitor website design features, and exploration of any appropriate visual iconography associated with the industry and desired projected image or design. We discuss the design concepts and sketches with you, and refine them according to your preferences, until a design direction has been solidified and established.

The Oxford Creative Process

Step 3: Digital Drafting

Once the design direction has been chosen, we transfer the design from the sketches and design concept discussions into a digital draft. This involves reviewing variations in shape, structure, layouts, fonts, and colors. In each round of digital drafting, we apply the principles of visual hierarchy as we develop and refine the design until we reach the final draft. If the design project is a logo, the design process is completed at this point. If the design project is a brochure, website, or other design project that requires images and content, the process continues.

The Oxford Creative Process

Step 4: Content Creation

This step involves the creation of the images and text that are required for your chosen design direction. This can involve photoshoots, creating original graphics, stock photography selection, writing text material, etc.

The Oxford Creative Process

Step 5: Information Architecture

This step involves the efficient structuring of the content within the constraints of the design. We create a professional visual hierarchy that controls the presentation of the content. This includes the positioning of the content in the design in order of importance, the logical flow of the message, and the inclusion of subliminal marketing messages.

The Oxford Creative Process

Step 6: Fine Tuning

This step involves fine tuning the design, making small revisions and adjustments to create a flawless product. If this is a website project, fine tuning includes reviewing the user friendliness and consumer trust level of the project, which involves testing the website’s mobile responsiveness, (how the desktop design converts into the tablet and mobile device versions and making adjustments where necessary to create a seamless and flawless experience.)

The Oxford Creative Process

Step 7: Final Design

Upon completion of the final design, designs created for print media will be sent to the press for print production. Advertisements created for magazines, newspapers, billboards, will be sent to the corresponding publishers. Website projects will go through the launching process to make the new website design live.

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