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Multi-National Corporation

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PROBLEM: A multi-national corporation needed a new image. They had received a lot of bad publicity due to fines they incurred for breaking environmental code regulations at their factories. This cost them a lot of business. In order to try to win back their clients, they needed to look like they were “turning over a new leaf.” They also wanted and edge to give the company value and marketability as they were avidly working to sell it.

SOLUTION: Create a new brand image to make it clear that the only thing this company thinks about is the environment. Broadcast the new image on major media outlets in every city, state and country where this company operates.


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The logo they had was nothing more than text in a decorative font. It didn’t say anything about the company except that they like the color navy blue, and took the time to select a font resembles something you would see used for a sports team. The logo doesn’t give any indication as to what kind of company they are, what industry they are in, what their company values are, or what they process. This logo could be for any company that processes something and likes the color navy blue. 


They wanted a new logo that emphasized their commitment to the environment, but they didn’t want their logo to look like grease or cooking oil or any of the traditional design solutions that their competitors have used.  They also wanted something simple that would be easy to apply to their trucks, signage, stationery, and company uniforms.

Because they are recyclers of commercial cooking oil, we integrated the universal symbol for recycling into their new logo design. We used the green and blue color scheme that is associated with international “Earth Day” celebrations.

On the recycling symbol, we used a texture that resembled the texture of cooking oil without making it look like yellow or gold cooking oil. This also gave the logo a 3 dimensional quality. To give the logo a focal point, we placed the company’s initials “AP” inside the recycling symbol. This also created a solution for direct recognition of the company’s name from long distances, such as when one of their trucks is driving down the highway.

The font that was chosen had serifs that resembled speed lines, which we thought fit the company’s image well, because it added an extra visual detail to imply that this is an active company, with many trucks that are constantly in motion servicing their clients in the US and Canada. 

We also created the company’s new slogan, “Making an Alliance with the Environment,” which is a key factor in their brand. It is a spin off of their company name, “Alliance,” and acts as a pledge of their new priorities. 


This business card design shows the design the company was using for their corporate identity system before we re-designed their brand. There is no thought behind the design. It says nothing about the company except that it gives basic contact information. There is nothing that communicates a brand message or company values. 


A corporate identity system was designed with the company’s new brand image. This included the company’s letterhead, envelopes, and business cards. A visually strong header was used a the top of the corporate identity system to imply the company’s strength and to make a bold, strong statement, representing the company’s value.

A watermark of the logo was used on the front and back of the letterhead, and also the front of the envelope and business card. 

A long drip line was also integrated to give shape to the letterhead, and to add to the overall design theme. The drop at the end of the drip resembles a rain drop instead of a drop of cooking oil to further distance the company from looking like a traditional cooking oil processing company, and associate them more with their position as a company that cares about the environment.  The drip line visually connects the viewer to the company’s slogan and contact information at the bottom.

The back of the envelope and business card integrates the green and blue gradient from the logo design, and includes a 3 dimensional effect to create a visual representation of the logo that makes it look like it is embossed. 

The contact information is shown in a minimalistic format to further position the company as an organization with value because that is a luxury design style. 


The website they had when we started was a standard template structure that presented basic information about the company’s products and services. They had a lot of text and some small images. There was no defined brand image. It looked like something someone in their office put together so the company would have a website.


The new website design was created to be a simple, informational tool for their sales team to use when talking to potential clients about the company’s services. A clean, minimalistic, sophisticated design style was used to emphasize the company’s value and prestige. 


The brochure they had was put together by someone in their office using Microsoft Word. It solved the problem of not having a brochure, but did not make an impressive presentation.


The new brochure was designed to be clear, clean, and crisp. The company wanted an informative marketing tool that would be easy to use for any sales representative to use to make a presentation to a potential client. 

When you first open the cover of the brochure, the main points of the sales presentation are immediately visible. The left side paraphrases the strongest service points, and, to showcase the company’s new brand message, the company’s environmental commitment was featured on the right.

The interior spread includes more information about the company’s services. To reach a larger audience, the brochure was printed in two languages.

A white space was left on the back panel of the brochure for sales representatives to tape, staple, or otherwise attach their business card. 

To further emphasize the company’s new brand message about their commitment to the environment, we managed the printing process to create a final product that was FSC certified, printed on recycled paper and produced with ink manufactured from soy beans and other natural products.


One of the main reasons this company needed a new brand image, is because they received a lot of bad publicity due to environmental code violations that were found at their factories, which cost them a lot of business. To combat this, they created a new image that revolved around being environmental friendly, which included the universal symbol for recycling, earth-friendly tones, and a new slogan, “Making an Alliance with the Environment,” which was a spin off of the company name. Then, they launched a public awareness campaign to present their new image to the public. This campaign included the  The new brand image was showcased across the US and Canada, presented on billboards throughout the regions that they service. The ad campaign design showcased the company’s new brand image, logo and broadcast the new company slogan, “Making an Alliance with the Environment,” in order to try to win back the clients they lost due to the high volume of bad publicity that was created.

In attempts to win back their clients in the restaurant industry, they included the “GREEN ZONE” initiative in their public awareness campaign to let the industry know they had “turned over a new leaf.” The GREEN ZONE initiative included a PR campaign for restaurants that involved posting decal stickers on the doors and windows of  the restaurants that they service, to advertise that the restaurant recycles their cooking oil. We created the name of the initiative, which was called “Green Zone.” The message that was sent is that when you enter the restaurant, you are entering into a “Green Zone,” because that establishment recycles. Not only did this initiative further integrate the company’s new brand image, but it also acted as a PR tool for restaurants to attract customers that care about recycling and the environment.

The company’s new logo and slogan was prominently displayed on all of their vehicles, so that it was not possible to miss their new image of caring about the environment.

Part of the purpose in creating the new brand image and message, was to add value and prestige to the company’s image to enable them to attract a buyer. The owners had been trying to sell the company for a few years and had not been successful. The goal of the brand re-design was successful. The new image attracted a buyer who finally bought the company. 

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