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Logo Design

Our logo designs are visual marketing tools designed to communicate who you are and what you do in just a single glance. When we create a logo, we analyze the concepts and messages that you want to communicate about your business when your logo is viewed, and explore how to visually integrate those ideas into the design. We also explore the integration of strategic design and marketing concepts. Every minute detail of how a logo is crafted communicates a message. Line quality, fonts chosen, color scheme, how the text is arranged, the shape of the design, images and symbols that are integrated into the design, and the visual hierarchy of how the logo is viewed as an overall unit, are all vastly important design features that contribute to the logo’s presentation and effectiveness. Our professional brand strategists assess all of these important design features when drafting a logo, and create a final design that is versatile and designed to be used across print, web and all forms of advertising and digital media, including signage, company uniforms, stationery, brochures, marketing materials, etc. We explore multiple drafts and options to find a solution that is a bold, clear, clever, creative, marketable, and meets your communication goals. The final design becomes  your company’s professional identifying image, the universal symbol of your company, and the cornerstone of your corporate identity. It functions like a fingerprint and goes on everything including business cards, letterheads, signage, promotional publications, advertising, websites, digital media, and more. 


Logo Design - Landscape Design Company

The fonts that were chosen for the company name are elegant and sophisticated to appeal to high net worth homes and residences, which indicates the level of skill and sophistication of this firm. A leaf was integrated into the letter B, and a curled scroll embellishment was added to appeal to clients with high style.

Logo Design - Hedke Painting

This logo was designed for a Christian painting company. The logo incorporates the Christian fish symbol into the stem of the letter K, and loops around in an elegant fashion.  The loop that stems from the K that is also a Christian fish symbol was a way to integrate that symbol in a way that meshed well with the logo. It was also integrated to give a message that when this company works on a project, they are throwing out a lifeline to the people they work with, stating that this is a safe company to work with that will get the job done right. If they've worked with other companies that did not complete the project properly or did a bad job, when they work with this company, they will feel like they have been rescued from what the previous painting companies did. The font used was hand crafted specifically for this logo.

Logo Design - Insurance Brokers

This logo was designed to position this company as an international enterprise. The universal symbol of the globe of the earth was used in the design. The globe was depicted in black, white, and gray in order to position it as secondary to the company name in the logo's visual hierarchy. Also, the black, white, and gray, gave the logo a metallic, sophisticated, 3 dimensional look, which helped to send the subliminal message that this is an established company. The orange "speed" lines were integrated to represent "communication," that this company is constantly communicating with the insurance companies they work with as well as their clients, 24 hours a day, no matter where they are in the world. This created a subliminal message that this is a secure and dependable company.

Logo Design - Architectural Engineering Firm

Because this logo was designed for an architectural engineering company, parts of blueprints were integrated into the design. The blueprints integrate with the letterforms and connect at specific points to create a visual balance. The blueprints are reduced in color so they do not take over the design, but function more as background texture so that the name of the company is dominant in the logo's visual hierarchy.

Logo Design - Bistro

This is an elegant logo design for celebrity chef Cameron Chardonbleu's European bistro.

Logo Design - Gourmet Bakery

This logo design is for a European bakery. It was designed to look like an old fashioned sign with a flare of elegance.

Logo Design - Law Firm

This logo was designed to integrate a creatively styled icon into an iconic name. This law firm chose the name "Sherlock and Watson," not just to have a positive, memorable name that is linked to British culture, but also because they are detectives in the way they compile evidence for their cases. The new name, the new logo, and the new brand enabled the firm to attract the types of cases they thrive at winning.
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Logo Design - Multi-National Corporation

A multi-national corporation needed a new logo to unify their company image and to give the company added value and marketability. Because they are recyclers of commercial cooking oil, we integrated the universal symbol for recycling into their new logo design. We used the green and blue color scheme that is associated with international "Earth Day" celebrations. On the recycling symbol, we used a texture that resembled the texture of cooking oil without making it look like yellow or gold cooking oil. This also gave the logo a 3 dimensional quality. To give the logo a focal point, we placed the company's initials "AP" inside the recycling symbol. This also created a solution for direct recognition of the company's name from long distances, such as when one of their trucks is driving down the highway. The font that was chosen had serifs that resembled speed lines, which we thought fit the company's image well, because it added an extra visual detail to imply that this is an active company, with many trucks that are constantly in motion servicing their clients in the US and Canada. 

Logo Design - Luxury Greenhouse Retailer

The name of this luxury greenhouse company, Cornucopia, implies that when you purchase a greenhouse from this company, you will have a bountiful harvest and be able to fill a cornucopia. This logo was designed to tell as story and to appeal to women, (the company's target audience.) The story depicts a woman who bought a greenhouse and used the greenhouse to grow food for her family. The logo includes simple green lines to integrate a simple implied drawing of a greenhouse into the design, without drawing the entire greenhouse because the story is mostly about the woman. The woman is on the right side of the greenhouse looking away from it because she has just left her greenhouse after filling her cornucopia. She is smiling because she is proud of her decision to buy the greenhouse, and knows that it was wise. The sun is included in the illustration because the sun is the fuel of the greenhouse. The line quality in the illustration of the woman was designed to integrate with the line quality of the font that was chosen for the company name. Fall colors were used in the illustration because fall is known as the harvest time.
logo design elegant

Logo Design - Photography Studio

The curls and bars in the logo design were inspired by the elegant iron easels with scrolls and curls in the iron work, that are used to display large framed photographs. The iron work in the logo frames the name of the company, just like an iron picture frame or easel, frames and displays a photograph. The design was kept very simple and elegant, appealing to women, specifically brides, because this photography studio’s clientele consists of high end, elegant weddings. The name of the studio was inspired by a the name of flower.
logo design elegant

Logo Design - Photography Studio

This is an alternate version of the original logo, switching the color scheme so the logo is brown on cream.

Logo Design - Vegan Restaurant

In the terms of the name of this business, the idiom "don't have a cow," has been applied to function as an advertisement that instructs someone not to eat animals, but to eat at this vegan restaurant instead. A whimsical, playful font was chosen for this logo, and illustrations of vegetables were hand drawn and incorporated into the letterforms. The line quality of the vegetables was manipulated to blend seamlessly with the logo's font. This logo has won many awards.

Logo Design - HR Firm

The concept behind the name depicts the function of an HR firm, which is to create solutions for businesses by handling their human resources, which resolves a problem and creates a resolution. The large checkmark in the logo was integrated to send the subliminal message that by hiring this firm, a business is checking something off of their list of things to do. A checkmark also has a dual purpose in that it also indicates that a problem has been resolved. The brand colors chosen are orange and navy blue. The logo shape was designed to be rectangular, and the gradient from a solid color to white is to imply that by hiring this firm, a business will go from feeling weighed down with HR issues into feeling light and free because it is has hired this firm to handle its HR. The fonts that were chosen have minimalistic and modern styles.

Logo Design - Foundation <br>Project In-Development

This is a project that is currently under-development. The flag on the logo was designed to resemble a medieval flag. One of our designers, through studying at Cambridge University, had the privilege of giving HRH Prince Charles a formal presentation of the design drafts, and was able to discuss the design concepts with him and receive constructive direction for the project.

Logo Design - Doggie Restaurant

This is an upscale Doggie Cafe where people can buy gourmet dogfood treats for their dogs. The atmosphere of the cafe is designed after a sophisticated, upscale, fine dining experience, complete with white glove service. Dogs are welcome in the cafe. The dog that was chosen for the logo is an upscale breed. He is wearing a top hat, has a cane, and has a gourmet doggie biscuit around his neck to resemble a bowtie. The font chosen for the name is an elegant font, and the style of the dog illustration was designed to integrate with the line quality of the font.

Logo Design - Country Club

This logo was designed for a country club in the UK. The illustrative cityscape was integrated to show one of the most popular views from the country club. The line quality used in the illustration was perfected to mesh with the thickness of the font used for the letters in the name of the country club. The gradients were used to give the logo a very clean, shiny look. Green was used because that is the main color of the brand. The scripted font used for the words, "FairWeather," is a traditional Scottish font. The font used for the words, "country club," was added to show that though the country club is proud of its traditional Scottish heritage, it is also a modern establishment.

Logo Design - Country Club Crest

This is the crest that was designed for the FairWeather Country Club in the UK. The crest is adorned with detailed, ornate embellishments, and has a soaring eagle at the top of its crest. The script for the monogram is a traditional, elegant font. The design for the crest was inspired by a traditional ornate English family crest. Because this is a club, and not a family, icons of the club were integrated into the crest. These icons include the eagle, the illustration of the golf course, the monogram of the club's initials, and the banner sashes that are awarded to winners of the golf tournaments.

Logo Design <br>National Healthcare Staffing Enterprise

"Tusk" is the parent organization of a group of medical staffing agencies. The owners happen to be fond of the rhinoceros. The named one of their organizations, Rhino Medical, and then created TUSK. "Tusk" is supposed to be the tusks of the rhinoceros. For the logo design, an illustrative, rustic style font was used, and illustrations of rhino tucks were incorporated into the letterforms.

Logo Design <br>National Healthcare Staffing Enterprise

This logo was designed with an inverse quality, to be viewed white on black or black on white.

Logo Design - Moving Company

The logo was designed to integrate the moving truck into the letterforms. A font was chosen that has speed lines in it to make it look like the moving truck is driving and the letters are in motion. The "R" at the end of the word "Factor" was adjusted to resemble the shape of the front of a truck, but to still read as a letter "R." The wheels of the truck are in motion, and there is a white speed line that cuts across the bottom of all of the letters to continue the optical illusion that the logo is moving forward. The integration of visual elements to indicate "motion" is a play on the word "moving." Not only is this logo for a "moving company," but the logo itself is "moving" and in "motion" to indicate that when someone is in the process of moving, it is a positive thing, and that they are moving forward with their life, hence hiring this company will be a positive experience.

Logo Design - Recording Artist <br>"The Vanilla Logo"

The overall look and feel for the brand involved incorporating a juxtaposition of modern, feminine, minimalistic, and vintage elements that looked like it would fit in modern Paris, France. The letterforms for the artist's name were designed to look like a signature, without being the actual signature of the artist. A modern looking scripted font with energy and life in the letterforms was chosen, to depict the energy and activity that is involved with singing and giving concerts. The font used for the subtitle of the logo was very thin and modern. The letters were spaced out to give the subtitle a clean, minimalistic look. The flower is a photo of a vintage glass flower. The glass flower was incorporated to add a vintage element to the logo. The color scheme chosen for the brand consists of "chocolate" and "vanilla" in order to give the subliminal message that buying the artist's music was like buying a romantic gift of a box of chocolate and vanilla candy. This logo has an inverse design. (The same exact design depicted with a different color scheme.)

Logo Design - Recording Artist <br> "The Chocolate Logo"

This logo was designed with two versions. This version is the inverse version. It is the "Chocolate" logo.

Logo Design - Hair Salon

Nicolettes Clip & Curl Boutique - hair salon

Logo Design - Performing Arts

This logo was designed for a theatre in London's West End. It is a modern design. This is the view of the London skyline from the director's office. The buildings in the skyline were created with one single line.

Logo Design - Clothing Company

Planet Happy Threads - a fair trade clothing company

Logo Design - Clothing Company

Planet Happy Threads - a fair trade clothing company

Logo Design - Clothing Company

Planet Happy Threads - a fair trade clothing company
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