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You will see some results right away and more results as the SEO work builds upon itself each month.

The longer you maintain consistent SEO services, the more results will be produced, and you will start to see an acceleration. It is common for clients to want to cut their budgets when the acceleration starts, but that creates an obstacle with the search engines. This is why: 

Our research has shown that the search engines consistently reward websites that submit a constant flow of new information by accelerating their search impressions and prioritizing their rankings, which means they rank higher.

Our research indicates that this appears to be connected to an algorithm that classifies websites that start submitting SEO data as a new website and therefore treats the website as a new website to the internet. Websites that are classified as new websites are consistently given priority indexing and are rewarded with an acceleration of search engine impressions and higher rankings as long as the data submissions are consistent.

Data performance results are showing that if you decrease the amount of SEO work that is being performed on a website that is being classified as a new website by the search engines, especially during the first 6 months of an SEO campaign, the search engines drop the acceleration that they give to new websites, which dramatically affects the website's search engine rankings. They may even be penalizing those websites because after the search engines drop the accelerations, it takes more work to get the acceleration going again.

1. Accredited Professionals Handle Your SEO.

It's important to trust accredited professionals with your SEO services. The accredited professionals at STAR have masters degrees in computer science, internet marketing and search engine optimization.

2. Common Sense Keywords.

Some SEO companies try to sell you keyword combinations that aren't very competitive because they know they can get you to rank high with them. But, those words are often not how people search when they look for your product or service, so it's not very productive. In addition, those types of keywords have low monthly search volumes. STAR focuses on the easiest most common sense way people search for your product or service. We don't steer our clients away from targeting competitive keywords. We look at all the data provided to us by the search engines for those keywords, including the data from competitors on the first three pages of the Google search results, and draft strategies based on those numbers for the fastest possible route to get your website to the first page for your target keywords.

3. Individualized Market Planning.

Our Expert Internet Marketing Specialists will create a specific SEO marketing strategy for you based on your internet marketing goals. To create our plans, we use data provided by Google, which includes keyword ranking data, keyword performance data, keyword search volume data, backlink count data, and competitor data. We also conduct a content analysis of your website and your competitors' websites, we conduct a review of the demographic areas you're targeting, and evaluate search engine performance data specific to your industry and target market. We evaluate all of the data to identify the most efficient route to get your website to the first page of the Google search results.

4. Makes More Sense Than Pay Per Click.

Unlike a PPC campaign, the money you put into your SEO investment continues to work for you each month, and your SEO presence gets stronger and stronger as our work builds upon itself and gains momentum in the search engines. All of the work we've done for you will continue to work for you across the web each month as long as you're a client.

5. More Traffic Faster.

Each month we work for you, our work builds upon what we did the previous month, so your internet marketing campaign keeps gaining speed. Since our SEO packages are much larger than other companies, you'll make SEO rank gains faster.

6. Priority Directed.

We offer over 100 SEO services and allocate them as needed, prioritizing the ones that will direct the most improvement to the areas your website needs it the most. We use data provided by the Google search engines in conjunction with the performance analysis data of the search engine algorithms and the performance analysis of your website to determine where to direct your SEO retainer. We allocate as many SEO services as necessary within the budget of your selected package in order to reach your goals.

7. Rank Sustainability.

STAR focuses our SEO efforts on universal factors that have consistently remained constant across the internet in regards to how search engines rank websites. STAR prioritizes working on these factors when handling your SEO campaign in order to diminish dramatic rank fluctuations and enable sustainable rank gains.

8. Unlimited Keywords.

STAR does not limit the number of keywords that are put in your website. We integrate all of your requested keywords into your website as much as reasonably possible. We also create many different variations of your target keywords based on report data from Google that shows us all of the different keyword combinations people are using to search for similar companies. We integrate all of these keywords into the structural code of your website to create as many different ways as possible for people to find your website in the search results. For keyword mapping, we focus on your top 3-5 keyword phrases, and prioritize those in your website's overall search engine optimization.

9. You Rank Higher Faster.

Because of our unique approach to SEO that focuses on increasing your website's score for the major search engine ranking factors, your website will make more progress than it would with standard SEO company services. Concentrating your retainer on the SEO ranking factors that need improvement the most, instead of spreading it out too thin, is one of many essential components that enables your website to rank higher faster.

Our research has shown that when a website's rank climbing is slow, the website has a low score for a search engine ranking factor that is a high priority item to the search engines. If you want to move faster, you will need to increase your SEO retainer to give us what we need to help you increase your score for that ranking factor and move faster with rank climbing.

Our research has shown that SEO is one of the most effective forms of advertising. This is because when someone is actively looking for a product or service, they go straight to the internet. They MIGHT remember an ad that they've seen or perhaps a commercial, but when they are ready to buy, they look at whatever comes up in the first 3 pages of the Google search results. Some people will look beyond the first 3 pages if they're looking for something specific and haven't found what they want on the first 3 pages. Or they may adjust their keyword search words.

When they're looking through the search results, performance data indicates that the best designed websites that look the most credible and make consumers feel the safest are the ones they contact.

SEO is a smart marketing investment because unlike Pay Per Click, all the work we do stays with your website each month. Each month, you keep gaining ground toward your goals. If you have to choose between an SEO campaign and a Pay Per Click campaign, the benefits of an SEO campaign are that you get to retain the work and effort put into your campaign. You have something to show for the money you invested. Also, in contrast to Pay Per Click campaigns and many other SEO companies, we don't charge  different amounts for each keyword we put in your website. In fact, we offer unlimited keywords in every package. 

Turbo SEO is designed to improve and accelerate your website’s rankings in the search engines, but we cannot promise or guarantee that you will have an increase in sales.

We have no control at all whatsoever over whether a sales increase happens at all. We cannot make people click on your website. We cannot make people call you.

The general science behind search engine optimization is that when a website improves its search engine visibility, and improves its rankings for keyword combinations that people are searching for, which includes high competition keywords, it is positioned to receive more search traffic and more traffic on the website itself, which usually leads to more calls, inquiries, and business opportunities.

Our research has shown that when a website ranks on the first 1-3 pages of the Google search results for high competition level keywords, the website tends to receive an increase in calls and inquiries —especially when it ranks on the first page.

It is rare for this to occur but, if a website is ranking on the first page of the Google search results and is not receiving site traffic, there may be a problem with the target keywords. They may not be competitive enough and may need to be adjusted. A scenario like this would only occur if a client insists on targeting keywords that are solely based on the website's content and are not based on the keyword search volume research that was presented to the client from our careful and meticulous keyword research. 

If there is no issue with the target keywords, then there may be an issue with the website's design and user friendliness. Our research has shown that if the website does not appear to be a trustworthy website, whether this is caused by the design of the website or a bad online reputation, no matter how high it ranks, site visitors will shy away from contacting that business. 

In regards to the design of a website, brand research trends show that site visitors nearly always choose to conduct business with websites that have the best and most efficient designs. If your website is poorly designed or is not designed as well as your competitor's, then your SEO will be hindered in its effectiveness. 

Though our work has consistently produced first page ranking results for our clients, we cannot guarantee that you will be on the first page of the Google search results. 

When we work with a website, we look for the shortest way possible to get our clients first page ranking results. Some keywords take longer than others to get to the first page. This is largely due to the competitiveness of the different keywords. 

In addition, our consistent monitoring of the search engine algorithms has shown that the way they rank websites changes throughout the day. The ranking a website has for a particular keyword at noon may be different than where it ranks for the same keyword at 8p.m. though no changes have been made to the website's SEO. This pattern shows us that the search engines change their algorithms throughout the day and that the different algorithms prioritize different ranking factors. This means you will have rank fluctuations, but as your website becomes more optimized for the search engines, these rank fluctuations decrease. 

However, from time to time, the search engines launch updates to their algorithms which affects the ranking pattern of websites. We have no control over this. We are not able to predict when this will happen or how it will change your websites rankings. After the updates to the search engines have been launched, we study the new performance patterns of the search engine algorithms to determine what changes have been made so we can make adjustments to our client's websites.