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Website Design

We specialize in WordPress Website Design. WordPress is one of the most powerful and versatile website development platforms on the market today. With the WordPress website design system, we have access to a laboratory of code plugins that make integrating specific functions and features a seamless, cost effective process. Through our website design process, we reference the most compelling websites and create multiple drafts to present various options to you for your new design. We integrate the professional design principles of visual hierarchy, consumer trust, and information architecture into each website design, and test the design for user friendliness on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.


Website Design <br> Landscape Architect

This is a modern, elegant website design, custom hand crafted to professionally display this company's work. The design incorporates a lot of white space and motion animation. The seemingly simply and minimalistic museum style of the website was specifically designed to appeal to this company's high end, affluent clientele. The portfolio and project pages read like an elegant digital magazine. Each project page was hand crafted to illustrate each project individually. The company's awards and press recognition were highlighted in a bold manner on the press page to emphasize their prestige.

Website Design <br> Law Firm

This website was designed to showcase the attorney and his expertise. It is a hand-crafted and strategic solution as to how to design a very large amount of text material in a way that makes you want to read it. It also showcases an accordion feature on the practice area pages, which is a very clever solution to integrating large amounts of text material in a way that doesn't clutter the design or distract site visitors from the main and most essential visual communication points of the website.

Portfolio Florale <br> Sundance Square Flower Shoppe

This is an elegant, minimalistic mobile responsive website design that showcases the popular circle gallery feature. This website was designed to be a tool for this Sundance Square flower shop to sell their store.

Structure Architecture

This website design was created for an architectural engineering firm. Blue was used throughout the design for this brand because it was inspired by the blueprints the firm uses for their projects. To further incorporate the design concept of integrating blueprints, parts of blueprint line drawings were placed in the design for the logo, the company's stationery system, and also sections of the website. This mobile responsive website design showcases a sliding portfolio with an interior navigational bar that allows you to easily navigate back and forth between the sections of the scrolling mobile responsive page.

Cooper Auto

This mobile responsive website design showcases features that are popular with service companies. It has a description of services with corresponding images, scrolling image panels, video panels, call buttons, reviews, interactive animation, coupon offers, and has the option to connect to an internal or external booking system.

Clany Cleaning Services

This mobile responsive website design showcases the standard informational display format for modern websites.

Website Design - Multi-National Corporation

The brand was designed to highlight this company's commitment to the environment. In addition to integrating natural green and blue colors, we integrated the international symbol for recycling into the logo and created the slogan, "making an alliance with the environment." We also integrated a public awareness campaign which involved posting window decals on the front doors of the restaurants, restaurant franchises, and fast food chains that they service. The window decals contained the new company logo and said "This restaurant is Green." The new brand attracted a group of buyers who bought the company in Canada.

Website Design - Security Company<br> owned by TEP Barnett USA

This design concept showcased the experience of the manager of the security company, who worked as a secret service officer for 4 US Presidents. The photo on the home page of the website design was created to mirror a common everyday scene that was a part of his everyday life as a secret service officer. The photo shows the "President" seated at his executive conference table, surrounded by his secret service protection agents. This image was designed to communicate that the manager's knowledge and experience he obtained when working with the secret service would be applied to every security job that the company handled. Customers were supposed to expect to receive White House level service and security skills.

Website Design - HR Firm

This HR Firm requested a sophisticated, elegant website design that would appeal to professional business owners. Having a modern look with a connection to social media was a priority. We created the entire brand for this firm, including the name. The name of the company sends a message that this is the firm to contact to receive resolutions for your HR management. The checkmark in the logo is implies that by contacting this firm, a business owner has checked something off of their list of things to handle.

Website Design - Insurance Brokers

The design concept we implemented for this website design, was to create a look that highlighted this company as an international enterprise.
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Website Design - Locksmith

This website design concept was succeeded in transforming the shop's image from looking like a sketchy run of the mill locksmith, to a trustworthy, accredited, financially secure establishment. An aggressive SEO campaign was also implemented, which moved this website to the first page of the Google search results for the most competitive search terms.

Website Design - Foundation Repair Company

This website design concept involved showcasing a complete overview of the entire foundation repair process in just one glance. When the owners sold the company, they attributed the company's financial success to the website design and a very aggressive SEO campaign. The new design gave the company the edge they needed to attract new clients, and greatly increased the success of their SEO campaign.

Website Design - Furniture Designer

This website design was created to be used as a sales tool to enable this designer to sell his brand of designer ottomans to Neiman Marcus and several hotel chains. The website advertised an art gallery style showroom that he used to showcase the ottomans as well as the rest of the line he created of designer household items.

Website Design - CD Website

This website design was created for a performing artist to market her CD, "Sounds of Paris. In addition to the website design, we also designed her logo, CD cover, and three different versions of her corporate stationery. Our project director personally hand painted the image of the Eiffel Tower used for the designs. The design concept for this branding project integrated a combination of rustic and vintage styles. This was a limited edition CD that completely sold out.

Website Design - Foundation<br>Project In-Development

This is a project that is currently under-development. One of our designers, through studying at Cambridge University, had the privilege of giving HRH Prince Charles a formal presentation of the website design drafts, and was able to discuss the design concepts with him and receive constructive direction for the project. In addition to the website, she also designed the project's logo and corporate stationery. The flag on the logo was designed to resemble a medieval flag.

Website Design - Moving Company

We completely designed the entire brand for this company in Fort Worth, TX. We designed the company's logo, corporate stationery, vehicle wraps, and other advertisements and signage. The logo was designed to integrate the moving truck into the letterforms. The website design concept involved creating a non-traditional website design that was different from the traditional styles the company's competitors used. To meet this requirement, we created an illustrative website design with 3 dimensional qualities to capture audience interest. The boxes and the one way signs in the website are interactive buttons. The large lime green call button was added to attract immediate attention. The moving truck was showcased in the design because a moving truck is the cornerstone of a moving company's business.

Website Design - Clothing Designer

This website design was created to showcase a clothing designer's handmade children's clothing line that is solely created with organic and fair trade materials. The website design integrated illustrations to emphasize that the materials used in the clothing are grown naturally. The illustrations were also designed to appeal to children and new mothers. The designer used this website to get a guest appearance on a nationally televised women's talk show through which she showcased and sold her work.

Website Design - Candy Store

We created the entire brand for this candy store. The website design was created to illustrate this store as an exquisite European boutique, like something you would see next to a sidewalk cafe in Paris. The entire design is an original hand drawn illustrative design. We also designed the logo, signage, and marketing materials.
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