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The arrangement and presentation of visual elements in a way that implies importance. Read More


Visual credibility factors that imply trustworthiness in design. Read More


Organizing the information, content, and functionality of a website so that it presents the best possible user experience. Read More


Visual Hierarchy is the arrangement and presentation of visual elements in a way that implies importance. Mastery of this skill is what separates the professional designers from the status quo. It is a science that's based on the Gestalt psychological theory, that proposes that the human brain organizes visual elements by color, size, alignment, and form. Designs that don't encompass these skills are considered "horsey," which means "clumsy, clunky, too large, and unrefined." If you don't like your website, but don't know why, it probably has a visual hierarchy problem, and we can fix that.


Consumer Trust, as it applies to professional design, is the study of visual credibility factors that imply trustworthiness in design. This is what makes people feel that you're a safe company to work with and a trustworthy business. To make this work on a website, sites must be well organized and use appropriate color schemes and imagery that communicate the perceived value of a business. Your design needs to have the right visual and size proportions, spacing, color and font consistency, image optimization, your graphics and images can't be fuzzy or overly pixelated, etc. Cluttered designs with broken links and other mistakes degrade credibility. Sites must have upfront disclosures and give a feeling of transparency within the business. They must be comprehensive, correct, current and include the full range of products and services offered and be well-connected to the rest of the web. A visual design that is based on building consumer trust is one of the things that makes somebody proceed to contact you after visiting your website.


Information Architecture, as it applies to professional design, is the art and science of visually organizing images and information. It is the practice of organizing the information, content, and functionality of a website so that it presents the best possible user experience, and then skillfully integrating the information into the website's visual design. Information and services presented on the website must be easy to read and navigate and have a logical, professional flow that integrates a call to action. The information needs to be arranged in a way that makes people want to contact you and buy your products and services. When working with a design, we have to think not only about different size proportions, but also about how much information we put in each panel of the website. If you pack too much information,  the message gets cluttered and lost. You also need the right balance of text and images.


We specialize in WordPress Website Design. WordPress is one of the most powerful and versatile website development platforms on the market today. With the WordPress website design system, we have access to a laboratory of code plugins that make integrating specific functions and features a seamless, cost effective process. Through our website design process, we reference the most compelling websites and create multiple drafts to present various options to you for your new design. We integrate the professional design principles of visual hierarchy, consumer trust, and information architecture into each website design, and test the design for user friendliness on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

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